When will the American XL Bully dogs be banned and what will happen?

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When will the American XL Bully dogs be banned and what will happen? : Will the American breed of dog XL Bully really be banned or what is going to happen Recently, a statement has been issued by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that the American Breed you read the post till the end,British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made an announcement that American Breed.

what is an american xl bully dog?

It is believed that the America Pitbull terriers were completely banned in Britain since around 1930, but the rest of the dogs of this breed were still bred in Britain, but the Prime Minister there has now clearly announced that now dogs of such breed will not be allowed to be bred. the cradle must be closed

For your information, let us tell you that three other breeds of dogs are already banned in the UK, which includes the first breed Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro etc.
These three dog breeds were already banned in the UK

An investigation conducted in early 2023 found that these types of dog fights were being offered online for up to £2,500
The investigation conducted on these types of dogs found that more than 350 attacks have been documented by this breed in 2023, which is a matter of great concern. We should be careful with dogs of this breed in many places. It has been found that dogs of this breed attack their owner in anger, although this has been found to be very rare, but we should stay away from such dog breeds as much as possible.

when will the american xl bully dogs be banned?

According to information received from sources, on September 15, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak clearly announced that American Ax Bully Dogs will be banned forever by the end of 2023.

According to him, this dog is dangerous for the people there, although there have been many such cases in which humans have died due to the dogs of this breed. To some extent, this decision of Rishi Sunak can prove to be right for the people there.
PM said that after many horrific attacks, a decision has been taken to ban this breed of dog. Dogs of this breed will be declared illegal under the Dangerous Dog Act.

He described this dog as a big crisis for the country. He said that we have seen many videos in which the terror of this dog was clearly visible, in which dogs of this breed can prove to be dangerous even for children.
Dogs of this breed are very angry, although these dogs have been banned in many other countries.

When will the American XL Bully dogs be banned and what will happen?

What will happen once the American XL Bully breed is banned in the UK?

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ordered the officials there to get as much information as possible about all the dogs of this breed so that banning this dog can be proved correct under the Act.

Now in Britain, the owner of a dog of this breed will be considered illegal and action can be taken against the dog owner.

The Sun believes that the current Excel Bully dogs could receive an amnesty similar to the pitbull ban of 1991, but this would be extremely difficult as the government would never want to wrong its people.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has promised that he will soon bring in new laws that will put public safety first and that action will be taken to ban such dog breeds. He has vowed that he will act as quickly as possible to protect the safety of will work from.

When will the American XL Bully dogs be banned and what will happen?

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, while sharing the video through a post on Twitter, said that I know that these dogs are dangerous and all necessary steps will be taken to save our countrymen from them.

All dogs of this breed can be banned in the month of September. British officials said that no harm will be done to the dogs of this breed, only there will be a ban on keeping them in public.

Today on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Professor Middle Miss said that people who have dogs of this breed should have as much information as possible about this dog. You may have to neuter the dog of this breed so that this type of dog does not get infected. Dogs should not be born here.

If you ever take a dog of such species out, then you should pay special attention that it should be muzzled and you should have insurance for this dog so that the government can know exactly which area. Dogs of this breed have been bred in.

If you follow all the rules issued by the government, then you have some chances to get a chance to keep a dog of this breed, but you will have to take special care of this dog so that this dog does not become aggressive and attack anyone.

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